CV / Johannes Burström

Selected Works

Blöt - an outdoor childrens’ performance by Emelie Boman, in collaboration with Nomodaco. Premiere in Umeå in September. Composer, 2022.

Music for the exhibition Zero City at Tekniska museet, Stockholm, as a part of my degree project for the master in electroacoustic composition. Composer, 2022.

Ongoing work with feedback-modified double bass. Composer and musician, 2022.

Mikro Makro – a dance performance for children by Tove Skeidsvoll/Nomodaco, where the audience gets to travel through the infinite as well as the microscopic. Composer, 2020.

DYAD - Solo for feedback double bass. Album release march 2020. Composer, Double bass, 2020.

Inside Out – a dance performance for children by Memory Wax, choreoographer Miguel Azcue. Composer, 2020.

Living Documents I-V - Second phase of a series of documentary site-specific performance installations. Premiere at MDT and surroundings at Skeppsholmen, Stockholm. By Charlotta Ruth/Dominik Grünbuhel, in collaboration with Anna Öberg, Peter Mills and Jenni-Elina von Bagh. Composer & Programmer, 2017-2019.

Nattradion - an album in the form of a generative radio station, composed and conceived together with Katrine Amsler and Samuel Hällkvist. Composer & Programmer, 2019.

Reflektioner - Site-specific installation in the form of an artistic workshop. Participant and composer of music for two solos, performed at Umeå konsthall by Nomodaco. Composer, 2019.

Fly me to the moon - A childrens’ dance performance by Memory Wax. Composer, 2018.

Timmer - a solo album for double bass and electronics. The album is randomly regenerated every hour on Bassist, Composer & Programmer, 2018.

Under - a dance performance for babies in the age of the Anthropocene. Composer, 2018.

Living Documents I-III - First phase of a series of documentary performance installations, by Charlotta Ruth, Dominik Grünbuhel in collaboration with Anna Öberg. Composer & Programmer, 2017.

Andas - a dance solo based on the work of Ingmar Bergman, by Memory Wax. Composer, 2017.

Sångsvanen & Koltrasten - dance solo by Lina Lundin. Composer, 2017.

Treasure Hunting - a participatory practice in the format of a treasure hunt, by Charlotta Ruth. Sound installations and video soundtracks. WUK, Vienna. Composer & Sound designer, 2016.

Claroscuro - dance performance for children by Memory Wax. Composer, 2016.

My Body is Every Body - Lecture performance by Carolina Bäckman. Composer, 2016.

Anaayafågeln - an outdoor dance performance for children by Malin Skoglund. Composer & Performer, 2016.

Radio Amore - a childrens’ performance by Nomodaco, choreographers Tove Skeidsvoll and Carolina Bäckman Composer, 2016.

Staden - a performance installation by Nomodaco, featuring artists from Sweden, Finland, Russia, Vietnam and France. Premiere at Konstnärligt Campus, Umeå, September 2014. Composer & Sound designer, 2014.

Allt Ljus På Dockorna – a dance performance featuring two dancers and two man-sized puppets, by Malin Skoglund. Premiere at Inkonst, Malmö. Composer & Sound designer, 2013.

Public Eremite – a dance solo by Charlotta Ruth, with an accompanying sound installation. Premiere at Tanzquartier, Wien. Composer, Programmer & Sound designer, 2013.

Chinese Whispers – an interactive dance film installation, made together with Trade. Shown as a part of the Dance is Present exhibition at Lunds konsthall, and on Programmer, 2012.

Mirrors – an exploration of the cities of Istanbul and Umeå. Collaboration with dance collective Nomo Daco, film photographer Linus Andersson and Umeå School of Architecture. Composer, 2012.

Kägelkastarna – a dance performance with Gårdsjö Kägelklubb and 6 teenagers. A collaboration with Tove Skeidsvoll, choreographer. Composer & Sound designer, 2012.

BoogiePost Recordings – an independent record label run collectively by a group of fellow musicians, with around 15 releases to date. 2006-present.

Trade – an interdisciplinary arts project. Residencies, installations and performances in Berlin, Copenhagen, St Erme, Malmö. Composer, Programmer & Sound designer, 2010-2012.

Outside In – film by Tove Skeidsvoll and Petrus Sjövik, produced by NorrlandsOperan. Screenings at Cannes Short Film Corner, Uppsala Short Film Festival, Sveriges Television etc. Composer & Sound designer, 2011.

Papiljong – a childrens’ performance by Nomo Daco. Composer, Programmer & Sound designer, 2011.

Chinese Whispers – an interactive video installation made together with Trade. Dansstationen, Malmö. Programmer, 2011.

Trash – a childrens’ performance by Memory Wax. Sound designer, 2011.

Samuel Hällkvist Center – CD Release and year-long tour arranged by Concerts Sweden, around 30 concerts in Europe, USA and Canada. Electric Bass, 2010.

LOVE//HATE – a dance solo by Tove Skeidsvoll. Tailored versions for among others the Umeå Institute of Design. Composer, 2010.

ABC – a childrens’ dance performance by Memory Wax. Music made from sampled letter sounds. Composer & Sound designer, 2010.

Tilt, dance performance. Nomo Daco, choreographer Carolina Bäckman. Music made on Commodore 64 emulator. Premiere at Bildmuseet in Umeå. Composer, 2009.

Rooms, dance solo performance by Memory Wax, at Skånes Dansteater in Malmö. Sound designer, 2009.

Move Project. Collaboration with four other stage artists, making performances, site-specifics and installations in Russia, Ukraine, Scandinavia and Vienna. Composer, Programmer & Sound designer, 2006-2009.

HemLika Utkanter, performance by Nomo Daco, choreographer Carolina Bäckman. Composer, 2009.

Play/The Game, performance by Malin Skoglund. Premiere at Inkonst in Malmö. Composer & Sound designer, 2008.

With Rugar at the Blip Festival, NYC, a four-day music festival with modern artistic exploration of primitive video game and home computer technology. Composer & Programmer, 2007.